Judy ByckWith sorrow, we announce the passing of Judy Byck, LCSW. An inspiring psychotherapist, teacher and supervisor, Judy was respected and beloved by her many friends, colleagues and students. Among her accomplishments, Judy served as an energetic founding board member of the newly formed Psychoanalytic Center of the Carolinas. In May, Judy was named the 2017 Clinical Social Worker of the Year by the North Carolina Society for Clinical Social Work. The Judy Byck Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established to honor Judy’s life and passionate commitment to psychoanalytic education and treatment. Donate here.

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Trans*-formations: One analyst’s reflections on transgender

Presented by Mardy S. Ireland, PhD

The transgendered person and North Carolina’s HB-2 illustrate how psychological struggle is present in every search for a coherent identity—whether that be within the individual or group (i.e. state). Psychoanalysis offers fertile ideas exploring each domain. Freud was revolutionary his 1905 Three Essays on Sexuality in bringing a complex understanding to the variegation of human sexuality: it took American society 100 years to catch up to his thinking (2015 Marriage Equality). By framing female sexuality and gender identity, however, solely in terms of the masculine there was much to improve upon, and multiple female analysts (Klein, Irigaray, Benjamin, Elise, etc.) have indeed challenged and supplemented Freud’s viewpoint.

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Psychological Development across the Life Cycle, Part 2 (207)
Attachment and Psychoanalysis: Restoring the Capacity for Secure Love in Adult Psychotherapy (905)

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Training Programs Application Deadline: March 1

Application deadline is March 1 for Fall 2018 admission to the Training Programs in Psychoanalysis (PsaT) and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (PPT).  Unified Admissions Process - Students who are accepted into the training programs may pursue training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and/or psychoanalysis.  Students chose their training program(s) after they are accepted and may begin coursework before making their choice.

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