Certification Tracks

Providing continuing education and advanced certification for mental health professionals is a primary role of the Psychoanalytic Center of the Carolinas. We offer postgraduate training in psychoanalysis for both clinical and academic fields. We offer postgraduate training in psychodynamic psychotherapy for clinical fields.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training (PPT)

  • Provides a rich understanding of the psychoanalytic perspective, which can inform all clinical work – from supportive to insight-oriented
  • Approximately 200 to 225 hours of coursework
  • Supervision of two cases that are being seen twice a week
  • Personal treatment in psychodynamic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis Training (PsaT)

  • Prepares student to obtain a certificate in psychoanalysts
  • Approximately 500 hours of coursework
  • Supervision of three analytic cases
  • Personal analysis with a training analyst
  • Training offered in both adult and child/adolescent psychoanalysis, as well as a combined curriculum

Clinical Training

Our clinical programs are designed to enrich and strengthen each student’s development as a clinician and psychoanalytic psychotherapist and/or psychoanalyst. This is best achieved when clinicians have a solid foundation in psychoanalytic theory and technique, receive close clinical supervision, and can develop a high degree of self-awareness that deepens their sensitivity to the client-therapist relationship. Clinical training is therefore a comprehensive tri-partite training experience that includes:

  • Coursework in theory and technique
  • Supervised clinical work
  • Personal treatment

Academic Training

Psychoanalytic training is also invaluable to individuals in non-clinical, academic fields who wish to incorporate the theory into their work. Individuals from various educational and professional backgrounds are eligible to apply for training as a matriculated academic student in the psychoanalysis training program. Non-clinical academic students undertake personal psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy and participate in the required curriculum.