The role of the Colleague Assistance Committee (CAC) is to offer assistance to impaired clinical members of the PCC, including Training and Supervising Psychoanalysts. The CAC has multiple roles:

  1. To assist clinical members when colleagues, students, supervisees, family members and patients have concerns regarding the professional functioning of a clinical member. The confidentiality of all parties is our standard.
  2. To assist a clinical member when they have concerns about their own functioning or to help them or their family manage their practice when an acute illness or death occurs.
  3. To encourage and assist members in developing a Professional Will to aid when acute illness or death occurs.
  4. To encourage clinical members to have a local or non-local colleague to monitor their professional ability.
  5. CAC members to contact include:


For a comprehensive bibliography of research studies on the efficacy of psychoanalytic therapies, visit the American Psychoanalytic Association.

Psychoanalysis in North Carolina: A Brief History 1910 to 2015, written by David F. Freeman, MD, and edited by Paul M. Brinich, PhD., 2017